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Silver King

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The Seven Clans. Seven groups, each led by a king. Seven colors, seven emblems, seven symbols. Each clan has its own spirit, and members are all united under their king.

The Seven Clans are as follow:

  • The Silver Clan is the first clan. It is said that its King is the first of them all. Nothing much is known of him or the powers of his clan. He seems to be the only member, and does not reveal himself much to members of other clans.

  • The Gold Clan is the second clan. It represents the Earth element, and its members possess powers over ground, matter and strength. The Gold King harnesses the mighty power of Absolute Immortality. Members of the Gold Clan are known to be fearless and strong, but sometimes a little too stubborn.

  • The Red Clan is the third clan. It represents the Fire element, and its members possess powers over fire, heat, speed and emotions. The Red King harnesses the fearsome power of Absolute Destruction. Members of the Red Clan are known to be loyal, acting on instinct and guts more than logic, though they are quite caring.

  • The Blue Clan is the fourth clan. It represents the Water element, and its members possess powers over water, air, ice and poison. The Blue King harnesses the exciting power of Absolute Creation. Members of the Blue Clan are known to be joyful and supportive, and very creative: some are real artists and craftsmen.

  • The Green Clan is the fifth clan. It represents the Wood element, and its members possess powers over nature and body manipulation. The Green King harnesses the magic power of being Omnifarious. Members of the Green Clan are very cunning and love to play around, sometimes to the point of manipulation.

  • The White Clan is the sixth clan. It represents the Metal element, and its members possess powers over electricity, magnetism, as well as space and time control. The White King harnesses the awesome power of Omnipresence. Members of the White Clan are known to be very tactful and reactive, with good reflexes.

  • The Black Clan is the seventh clan. Little is known about this clan. Members seem very different from one another, and the Black King harnesses the mysterious power of Omniscience.
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